Do you like ALL your characters?

@KATRINKA (1658)
United States
July 21, 2007 4:58pm CST
When I was working on my novel, I created a minor character who was loosely based on a real person in my neighborhood. I didn't like the real person very much, and initially, I thought this minor character was a scumbag. But as the story went on, and he inserted himself into a lot of scenes, I grew to love this character. He became one of my favorites. When you write a story, do you like all your characters? Do you think it's essential to be able to like all the characters you create, even if they aren't perfect citizens?
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@smenns (31)
• United States
23 Jul 07
Writing and reading are about understanding others. When we create a character from a person we dislike, we're creating it from an impression of a person. We have to put ourselves into the character. It has to be real and relatable to be good writing. I am of the firm opinion that anyone you dislike is simply someone you don't know. When we write characters, we have to come to know them. QED.
@Sushicook (691)
• Sweden
22 Jul 07
When I first create a new character, it's not that common that I love it at first sight. But as the character develops, I always grow to unconditionally love him or her with all their faults. A good example is the antagonist in one of my stories. In the beginning he was a real pain, there was nothing to like about him and he was a very one-dimensional character. But when I started to think about how his past had been, gave him a family, some bad habits, a motive on why he was the way he was... I fell completly in love with him, and he's now one of my favourite characters in that story. None of my characters are perfect, and you could even say that I love them more for their flaws. As soon as their characterization comes together and they come alive before my eyes, I love them like I would love my children if not more.
@patgalca (15556)
• Orangeville, Ontario
21 Jul 07
I have based a few characters on real people but as I write they expand and become different than the actual person I based them on. I do love all my characters. Even the big old meanie. I have to love him to write about him. He is fun to write about so that means I love him. Minor characters, though, don't affect me one way or the other.