The Night Shift

Sunlight - Divine
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July 22, 2007 1:33am CST
Some years ago, on returning from a business trip a man brought his wife some souvenirs. Among them was a matchbox that would glow in the dark. After giving it to her, he turned out the light, but he object was not visible. This must be a joke! she said. Disappointed, the husban commented, "I've been cheated!" Then his wife noticed a few words written in French on the bottom of the box. Taking it toa friend who knew the language, she was told that the directions read. "If you want me to shine at night, keep me in the sunlight during the day." So she placed her gift in her bedroom window. That evening when she turned out the light, the matchbox had a brilliant glow. her surprised husband asked, "What did you do?"Oh, I found the secret," she replied, "Before it can shine at night if must be exposed to the light."This tale has a deeper meaning. Before you can shine in all types of circumstances--before you can reach your full potential--you must be exposed to the light: You must place yourself in situations where opportunity is possible. How do you ask the sun for sunlight? By getting out into the sun. How do you ask electricity for light for your lamp? By turning on the switch. How do you ask the Creator for what you want? By placing yourself in the Divine flow. All light, all power, all energy, flows to the individual who places himself or herself in situations where opportunities are possible. I read this in a book and I had to share it with my friends.
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@34momma (13891)
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23 Jul 07
that was just awsome, and so true. those of us who stand in the light of good grace will grow and become all that we want to be. I stand in the light of the Lord every day