Gift for a partner!!!What u had gifted to ur partner for ur 1st anniversary?

July 22, 2007 6:05am CST
Next month is our first year wedding anniversary & after 2 days of our anniversary its his birth day.I am confussed what to gift him for this special days.Its an 1st anniversary & very special for me so i want to give him a special gift. Can u suggest me a gift? What u had gifted to ur partner for ur 1st anniversary?
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@Aurone (4757)
• United States
23 Jul 07
My husband gave me flowers and a teddy bear for our first anniversary, which was last year, and I gave him a textbook on bioinformatics that he really wanted which I thought wasn't a very romantic gift, but it was what he really wanted and at least it fit with the paper theme. Perhaps there is something he has wanted or a trip together you could take for your anniversary. For our second anniversary I got by husband a season of a tv show he wanted and a CD binder (his got stolen) and he gave me a necklace I asked for a nice candle holder from a cute little shop. I don't think there are traditional gifts for these occasions anymore, you are allowed more to fit the gift to the person. Good luck and Happy Anniversary, may you have many more happy ones to come.
• Kuwait
23 Jul 07
Ya some times gifting their needs is also works & worth.
• Canada
31 Jul 07
We just celebrated our first wedding anniversary on the 15th of July. We went out to dinner then to a movie. We then came home and did some edible body painting and I a cute nightie for him. I know it's more for me, but it's something he can enjoy seeing me in for a short while.
@shadjee1 (602)
• Philippines
22 Jul 07
During our first anniversary, I treated my husband for a nice spa treatment. I had saved money for a couples package in a very nice spa here in our place. Then as a gift itself that he can keep. I had made a scarpbook of our good old days, with captions. Its like a storybook from the time we are born up to the time we met. I usually keep the concert tickets, or even movie tickets we have gone together and had a nice time the also included that in the scrapbook.
• Kuwait
23 Jul 07
scarpbook is a good idea.