which do you think is better? nokia or sony ericsson

July 22, 2007 11:43am CST
I currently have a nokia 6680, I never had a sony ericsson phone but my brother, mom and my babe are using sony ericsson phones. I've always been a nokia user because for me it's very user friendly, you would'nt have much problems in using it unlike my mom and those people whom i know that were using ericsson,they are having a hard time in using it, it's quite complicated than nokia. I am also aware of the fact that since nokia is the leading brand of cellphones here in Philippines, it depreciates its value drastically and SE has a better grip in terms of price in the market. I wasn't that satisfied with the camera of my 6680 eventhough it is 1.3 mega pixel. My friend once told me before that the lenses of the camera used by nokia are produced by ericsson so SE has better cam phones than nokia. Which is really better?
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