Anime are you a fan of Japanese animation

July 22, 2007 6:50pm CST
Alot of people are now becoming more n more intrested in anime with titles such as Bleach, Naruto, Dragon ball z , Pokemon, Yugioh all making big impacts within the usa/europe my question to you is what is your fav anime? and why? List atleast 3 and leave a reivew of each Naruto: Great anime, they also show the cut version on Kids tv. its about a group of kids who are training to become ninjas, and the main character is called Naruto who has a secret about him. they come from a village called Konoah the Ninja village of the Leaf, Naruto sasuke and sakura with there Sensei kakashi go on ninja missions and unfold a story like no other. Hellsing: This is one my fav animes one its based around Uk and its about vampires,Zombies,monsters. Hellsing is an organistion that is based within the uk who deal with vampires,zombies,monsters with there secret weapon alucard who stops the vampires n ghoulies, with alot of reacent activity from the vampires and ghouls, Alucard and others start to suspect something more deep and plotting. Guyver Bio booster Amour: there is an orignal and a remake. the orignal is only 12 eps long and was really good back in the day its about a boy who finds an amour an alien amour that turns him into something not human with super speed strenght. Chronos is a company who are trying to capture the guyver to use for there own evil plans but chronos them selfs arnt what they seem to be with lots of action and good fight scenes more of story comes out and the true Chronos comes to light. Dragon ball z : If you have never seen DBZ then you are really missing out, DBZ was one of the most biggest and popular animes around. its a story about a character called GOKU and his friends n family Goku wasnt born on earth he was born on another world in outer space a planet called vegeta a race of people known as sayians this race of people are a violent natured race of people with super human strenght and abilitys to change into a beasty at the full moon. Spanning through 100s of eps this anime is a must see and has good action/comedy and great depth in story
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