What foreign languages to you speak?

United States
July 22, 2007 7:48pm CST
When did you learn it? Do you use it often?
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• New Zealand
23 Jul 07
Bahasa Indonesia... I lived in Bali for 5 years....I havent spoken the language for a few years, & have probably forgotten most of it... French... I speak a little & understand the written language fairly well....I learnt at school, & also have had a couple of boyfriends who spoke French....it came in handy then..lol German... I can speak a little & understand a little.....I had a German flatmate for 3 years...havent used it since that time... Maori (the native language of NZ)... I worked ,counselling Maori people for a long time...it was part of my job to speak the language.....I keep it up with a Maori friend of mine, as its not something I want to lose...
• United States
23 Jul 07
Peach: You are just intelligent and talented. Thanks for responding.