rebirth of a nation

@mrddln (458)
July 22, 2007 8:34pm CST
From hermit kingdom to global player before korean doesnt have a representative image on the global stage. actually its been hidden between china and japan. But look at korea now, in what could be seen as a self-fulfilling mindset. Of course, many koreans worked to make thier culture available in form foreigners could digest. The world has been taking note of korea more in this century. THis has a lot to do with individuals who have broadened the fields in which koreans are ranked among the best-people like u.n. secretary general BAn ki-moon swimmer park tae-hwan who took best actress film festival for 2007 and assembly workers at hyundai motor. Many factors are coalescing to bring korea to the worlds attention. It is hard to say whether economic success has given koreans more pride and confidence or deregulation and liberalization has unleashed potential. Korea's foreign reserves and stock market continue to hit new highs. But the country has amassed economic clout before. This time around, however, there seens to be more confidence not the nouveau-rich hubris that crashed with the currency in 97, but a more resilient faith in the national heritage and character. the country is more colorful, the modern architecture more impressive and more people speak English. In 2006 koren college students studied abroad. The koreans not only raise awareness of korea, they bring back valuable information abut thier subject and host countries. Also striking is that a number of foreign students became intersted in exploring Korea. THe departments of korean universities were initially shocked by the growing number of applicants in the different part of the world who wanted to study in their universities. still, it has come a virtuous cycle; as the country the country grows, more people are willing to invest the time to learn its language. more money also means more ability to promote Korean culture overseas which attracts the attention of scholars and consumers of cultural products. Public organizations are also promoting the beauty of the country. Koreans were opened to the public. the ministry of culture and tourism is also pshing commercialization of korean identity through hanstyle campaign, which promotes traditional culture. Korean dishes are regularly showing on foreign tables and media reports. Korea is became dynamic nowadays.
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