what makes you angry?

July 22, 2007 9:24pm CST
there are some people who gets angry easily. it probably depends on the mood a person has at that particular moment or it really is the personality one has.. so, what makes you angry? what would a person do to really piss you off?
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@az03r4 (913)
• Indonesia
24 Jul 07
I think I such a good person so I seldom get angry easily, but you see, when we get menstruation, women can automaticely be sensitive, and no wonder if we get angry easily simply because things that we feel hurt or bother us. Do u in favor with me?
• Philippines
24 Jul 07
I hate it when my things are not in their proper places. I want them to be where I last put them. If someone get a thing from my room, they have to return it from where, at its exact place, they got them. I also hate people who are late. Time is precious, right? I also hate it when my room is dirty. I always make it a point to clean it everyday.
@nfhs79 (861)
• Malaysia
23 Jul 07
Things make me angry : 1. Queue for toilet - so annoying and if I can't hold it, Oh No! 2. People screaming - Dunno what the thing is. Screaming for nothing. 3. Too many people in shopping complex - they should stay at home. Haha! 4. People shut the lift - didnt see me and my baby wants to go in and simply shut the lift. Oh my God! Useless! 5. Work - work too hard and no benefits or bonuses. Felt so empty! 6. People like busy body - I dont busy body about them. Why they want to know bout what I'm doing. --- thats all --- if I jot down more, its so no ending. :)
@timay23 (21)
• Philippines
23 Jul 07
hi good morning...im not the type of person who angry faster... because i can control my temper and i can control to my self also... so what makes me angry when the person/persons who always backfighter to me...and always lie to me...and so on that makes me so angry... so my friend would do is to have a joke that can make me happy... by that my mood will go to normal teperation....