How many home-page tabs do you have open when you get online?

United States
July 23, 2007 3:31am CST
Whenever I turn on my computer and click on Internet Explorer it boots up with seven homepage tabs already open to sites that I visit daily. This way I can find whatever I am working on without hassle. My home-page tabs change depending on where I am working online or which games my kid likes to play. I can't spend three hours sorting through my Internet Explorer favorites just to find the Sesame Street website. For instance right now I have a home-page tab for Elmo Keyboard-o-rama, mylot, yahoo mail, gmail, yahoo search term for free advertising forum (research for one of my blogs), Netflix and my paid survey company. If I can keep my stuff in front of me it helps me stay on track. So, how about you? How many home-page tabs do you use on Internet Explorer? Tell us which sites you have booted up automatically when you go onto the Internet.
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@senthil2k (1501)
• India
23 Jul 07
I have more than 20 tabs open in a windows of my Firefox browser and I have more than 3 Firefox windows open at any times. That means, more than 60 tabs at any point of times in my time, when Im online. Sounds interesting ? ;)
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• United States
5 Aug 07
LOL! For a minute I thought I had posted this, cause it sounds so much like something I would do. I switched to Firefox as well this past week, and my Internet connection finally feels like high speed!
@Odlanor (141)
• Philippines
5 Aug 07
I'm still new and I not so familiar with these automatic boots up. I just hope you can share to me how to do this.
@ayris77 (1304)
• Malaysia
5 Aug 07
When i get online,I usually open only 2-3 tabs ,used to surf different website! It is according to my connection speed!
• Pakistan
24 Jul 07
Well as for me, I use IE explorer too but I have sorted out most of my links into categories and that way if I am looking for something specific I do not have a hard time finding it. Organizing your favourites really help you out.
• Indonesia
24 Jul 07
I use mozilla Firefox, And I open at least 5 tabs every I go online. I usually open multiply, gmail, my company site, frindster, mylot
@Shaun72 (15968)
• Palatka, Florida
24 Jul 07
I just have my yahoo page that opens when I go online then I go to my yahoo account that has all of my email from mylot on it to check all of mylot emails.
@Calais (10899)
• Australia
23 Jul 07
I have my home page then I open up about at least six tabs then I also answer discussions from my email..
• Philippines
23 Jul 07
I use mozilla firefox and usually have more than 5 tabs opne. But the most was I think more than 20 and I wouldn't have notice if my pc didn't freeze up on me hehehehe.
• Belgium
23 Jul 07
i have just 1 because i almost play games on the same website.