do u like rains?

July 23, 2007 1:06pm CST
hey i love rains monsoon . i find the weather v romantic u also like? or ur find it adding to the rpoblem of traffic jams n water log
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@Bar3000 (57)
• Israel
3 Oct 07
I lover rain! Actually I think it is very fun.. I like palaying soccer in rain.. getting all mudy. Rain is my favorite whether. Espacially at night. Sometimes in the summer I think why isn't there any rain?? why is so hot?? because it is a lot easier to fall a sleep when it is cold. I was once so hot at night that I could sleep at all!! And about traffic jams well driving in the rain is very fun. Might be a bit dangerous but very fun.. And people don't need to hurry so much every where it can give some time to think, to rest for a hard days work, before you come home to your spouse' and kid's requests.. Rain rocks.. I have been stuck many times outside with no umbrella a few miles from home and the feeling of getting home all wet and cold with the anticipation of getting into the hot shower is one of my favorite.. SO IN A NUTSHELL.. I like rain especially at night.. and I am sure many other people do. And buy the way if I could choose I would make 60% of the year rainy because I also like to go to sea...
• Nigeria
3 Oct 07
i dont like rain at all, it spoil yor day, especially if it is early in the morning, or when you are coming back from work. Night rain would have been better.Any way rain has it advantage at least d weather will be cold, nothing more
@cutieweii (374)
• Malaysia
3 Oct 07
It depends, sometimes, I do like rainy days easpecially when the weather is too hot and humid. I like the refreshing air and cool wind that rain brought to us..makes me feel like it's just beginning of the day! Looking at the rain from far really looks romantic... But. there were times where I do not prefer raining, ie. when I am on my way to work or walking on the street without having an umbrella with me :) Can you imagine with the wet hair, cloths and shoes in the office or shopping mall? uhhh....
@shiloh_222 (5480)
• Philippines
2 Oct 07
hi... i like rain... as long as there is no howling winds...that's scary
@Ravirocks (489)
• India
1 Oct 07
i love rains.its refresh me a lot.its very cool to play in the rain.
@butterfly39 (3907)
• Philippines
24 Jul 07
I like it at night cool