Imaginary friend?

July 23, 2007 2:32pm CST
Many of us probably had an imaginary friend while we grew up. Mine was a blond boy named Daniel, and I played a lot with him when I was a kid. When I started school and got real friends I sort of forgot all about him, but even to this day I think about him and the games I used to play with him. A scary thing is that my fianceƩ and best friend is actually a blond boy named Daniel. Destiny, maybe? Who knows. :D Did you have an imaginary friend growing up? How long did you play with him/her/it? Do you think it's healthy for children to play with non-existant friends or not? Do you have any stories involving your imaginary friend that you would like to share?
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@pjanaway (247)
23 Jul 07
Did I have an Imaginary friend? No, down my road where I lived there was like 20 kids my age, and every adult liked each other so I played with everyone else down the road. Do I think its healthy for a kid to have one? I see no harm in it, just as long as it doesn't continue until adulthood. lol, then you will be classed as crazy.
• Philippines
24 Jul 07
lolz... yeah it is just ok for a kid to have an ordinary friend.. we i think almot experienced it.. we tend to play beyond our imaginations as a kid. It is normal than having seen a 20 yrs old playing with someone who is not being seen by others.
• United States
23 Jul 07
When I was younger, I had a lot of imaginary friends, but what I remember the most is that I would imagine that my cousins had come over to play at my house. They lived about half an hour away from me, and I didn't get to see them very often, so I would just pretend that they had come over to play with me! :) I had another imaginary friend who lived in a pink, round house. I think that's where I wanted to live. Rectangular houses are boring. :)
• United States
5 Jul 08
I've never had an imaginary friend while growing up. I don't like the thought of having someone with me and knowing everything about me. Is it true that kids who don't have many friends and were bully tend to have imaginary friends more? I suppose it is healthy for kids to have imaginary friends because it shows they have imagination and it comforts them. I don't mind listening to stories about imaginary friends, it seems rather interesting.
@anirc750310 (3424)
• Romania
23 Jul 07
well fortunatelly, or unfortunatelly I had never ever had an imaginary friend, or I don't remember at all about him/her.But I guess psihologicaly speaking it is normal for a kid to have an imaginary friend untill 7 years old, but no more after this age, could be signs of psihiatric problems then. I can share with you such story cause I don't have one, but I will be eager to read about the other's one. thank you!