Are you artistic?

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October 25, 2006 3:35pm CST
Are you creative? Do you make anything, do any crafts?
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23 Apr 07
I crochet, sew, and make cards from old magazines and scrapbooking materials. I'd like to think there's a little bit of creativity involved with the things I make! :)
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23 Apr 07
I have made picture frames from old magazines. I also crochet and I like to sew on my sewing machine, but I am still a beginner.
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22 Jun 07
Yes, very. I love to write stories and music and I play the guitar too. Also, I love designing things and I can't wait to have a daughter so I can make outfits and accessories for her. Recently I made a wishbox. You know, to put your wishes on paper and then when they come true... Anyway. I took a box and put color paper on it, then cut out my fave celebs pics and glued em on. Sounds simple but the theme and color scheme are great.
@Modestah (11192)
• United States
11 Jun 07
i am rather basic in my skills...I can do a few things but I am not exceptional at anything. I can crochet and enjoy it I can needlepoint and cross stitch I can play the violin I can draw a little above average but not what I would consider artistic talent I sing pretty well, but not exceptional.
@hezoid (2147)
11 May 07
Yes, i've always been very creative, especially as a child. i was always sat at a table drawing and colouring, or making things! These days i love making jewellery and cards, and still like to draw the odd thing when i'm bored.