Whats your fav computer Consol? PS3/XBOX360/NINTENDO WII

July 23, 2007 7:39pm CST
atm i own a ps3 and a xbox360 i think the ps3 has great graphics and some good games but it lacks a good online gaming feeling, i think with new firmware updates and better titles out ps3 will at some point be the number one selling consol xbox360 to me has the best online gaming expierence for a consol its fun and easy to set up, with a good wide range of games you can play online with a fun and normally a friendly communtiy i play such games as call of duty 3, chrome hounds , fifa 07 great to play online and the best game i have played online and any consol soo far is GEARS OF WAR this game shows how good next gen consols can be and its easily the best game out leave your own opinions on consols and games you enjoy playing
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@lburns70 (182)
• United States
24 Jul 07
OMG! My fav is the Wii. We own an PS, PS2, PS3, and Xbox, Xbox360 and a Wii. I have played them all but being of an older generation I like the Wii for the personal interaction of the games. The only drawback is there arent enough Wii games yet although you can play Gamecube games on it.