Orthodontist/Teeth Issues

United States
July 23, 2007 9:26pm CST
Story: About a year ago, in early June, I remember spending a good portion of my day getting my braces, and then receiving my retainers right after that was done. What happen is that they had made a mold six weeks prior to this so I would not have to risk my teeth moving. (Usually they make a mold afterwards, you wait a week, and get them.) My retainers were clear, with sparkles. Basic, but nothing special about them. Maybe in late November, early December, I went to my orthodontist who finally told me that I only had to wear them at night/while I was sleeping. I was glad, considering that I hated them. Mostly because the lisp never really went away. I keep my retainer in my bathroom, in the given container, next to my toothbrush and deodorant. Which I have been doing this day once---easy to remember where it was when I took it off. (Took it off while eating, brushing my teeth, swimming.) About a month I go for a visit, and my orthodontist tells me by the next visit that it might be the last time I ever have to visit them. Excited; the appointment was in about two or three weeks. I go there, with my retainers in my container, and basically bounce to the room. I put them off, and he examines my mouth like he has always done. Then he suddenly claims that my retainers have been stretched out, and that I need new one. Basically he lectures me how I probably don't wear them and all this crap. Despite the fact that my mom is right there, backing me up. She knows I wear them, because I usually go up to her room and say "good night" before I head off to bed. It pissed me off because at that time it had been a year and he suddenly decides to chew me out based on lies. I might hate my retainers, but I was not going to risk my teeth moving at all. Six years of having braces was hell enough for me. A year and half of retainers was nothing compared to that. Then to have him suddenly say, "Oh, your retainers have been stretched out." The appointments are already $500, now he wants my parents to hand over $1000? If my retainers are stretched out, WHY DO THEY STILL FIT ME? I don't leave them out in the sun. They are in the bathroom when I don't wear them. I clean them. I put them on correctly. I don't flick them out with my tounge. But no, I "stretched" them out and now he decides I need a new pair. A new mold that tastes like glue. Days getting used to it. Months with a lisp 24/7. Waiting another year, perhaps. What ever happen to the fact that I might not have to wear them anymore? My parents are already paying for loans they took out to get a new A/C and washer. I don't want them to pay $1500 for the next visit, or my dad to have to work overtime for this.
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