The longest week in the Office

July 24, 2007 5:22am CST
If you are placed in a situation where in you are adviced to quit your job because what you believe does not conform to the prgrams of your company, what should you do? If this situation happens to me, then with a heavy heart I would quit my job and move on so that I can start again. I will do this quitely and the last week of my work as an employee to the company that supplied my needs is perhaps the longest week in the office. I would have met all my friends and co employees in that office and for once be nice to them. Well that's what I will do. Will you do the same?
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@kimyat24 (42)
• Philippines
25 Jul 07
i don't think it would be easy to just quit because of the ideals one's have that does not conform with the company. there are many considerations to be done, what if one is already a family man? basic needs and monthly dues won't quit because one quit his job? now, what would one do with the stomach he has to fill, when hi got no more job?
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• China
24 Jul 07
what's the situation?if i have just found a job and ilike it verymuch and despite that my belief is not compatible with our company,fist i try my best to adjust to it,and if that fails i will ask my colleagues for help and if this fails again i will have to chang for a new job.
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@khadiyas (13)
• United States
24 Jul 07
I would do everything excepr change my attitude towards people I didnt know and dont like. These same people are going to talk about me when I leave so why smile in their faces?