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July 24, 2007 5:28am CST
The headline on an article in our morning paper yesterday here in the UK said, "YOU BUY A SCROUNGER FAMILY £1/2m HOME." Right under the headline it went on to say "Taxpayers foot bill for jobless couple with 12 kids." The story went on to relate about Carl & Samantha Gillespie and their 12 kids. The Newbury Berkshire council handed this couple the keys to the 8 bedroom house which had cost the council the half million to get for them. A former small hotel the council completely re-did it, double glazed all the windows, put in a new heating system, and furnished it before handing these dead beats the keys. This couple get £50,000 ($98,000) a year in benefits. They had to be re-housed from Reading after their 2 year old set fire to their house there. Carl Gillespie is a former door to door salesman - Samantha a former bookeeper. She has five children from a previous relationship and they have 7 together, inlcuding 2 sets of twins. Carl rejected taking a job at ASDA ( owned by Wal-Mart) which would have paid him £300 ($588) a week because he claimed they would have lost £400($784) off their benefits. Pictures with the article show them with all their kids dressed in some expensive clothes, a couple of the kids on bicycles and then another picture of the house with two cars one of which looks like a brand new car in front of it. How disgusting is this? It is high time the British Government put a cap on the amount of benefits bums like these two can get. When my late husband was in the US military a man could have 3 dependents which got him an increase in pay - any more than that were at his own expense and I think this is the way it should be here. With council benefits they are more than likely paying no rent for this place and definitely pay no tqx whatsoever. It is a shame that hard working people have to pay taxes to support scroungers like these two.
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24 Jul 07
Wow. Anyone want to donate so I can move to England and live? I live on disability due do a car accident after working as a nurse for about 20 years. I get $602 a month. I do not qualify for food stamps because my income is so high and can get no other help. These people get more than that a week. That is disgusting. Especially when they are able to get out and get a job. If I was able to work, I sure would. I hate living off the government.