School Redisticting : Your Thoughts

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July 24, 2007 9:40am CST
It was about a few years back that I was entering. As with everything else in life, it had taken me maybe a few months to finally accept and get used to the changes. Mainly with where things were, how it ran, etc. Around September of that year, articles started to pop out in the local newspaper on that they were choosing to redistrict the High Schools in my counties. First, I would be going to SCHOOL C. The bus ride would be around twenty five, mainly due to the fact that I would be crossing a major highway. To boot, the school was not that good. A lot of parents complained---major highway? No. But they finally choose a school fifteen minutes away---top rated, excels in academics, sports, etc. The kind of school where you are expected to do good, and if you don't you are ignored. Lovely school. Ended up getting honor roll my past year. (I'm officially a Senior now. :) ) Even thought the school I originally was going to was literal five minutes down the road. For the past years, the two developments around me have fought and fought for a new elementary school to be built in a space of land behind a local YMCA. The problem was that the schools that the elementary-aged kids were going to were far away. Maybe thirty minutes in many cases, and that's not accounting the morning traffic that they would go through. The school starts to be built. A problem occurs--they are busing people that are literal twenty away; kids who are already surrounded by three elementary schools. Yet the two developments who fought for it are two minutes away. (All times are correct, but it does not account for heavy traffic, highways, major roads, etc.) Wait, why are they busing kids from twenty minutes away instead of the ones who could walk there? Especially with the parents of the development were the one who fought and complained. "Oh, hey. We built the school you asked. But your children won't be going there. Sorry!" What are your thoughts about school redistricting, moving, or anything related to the two topics or my post.
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@Mickie30 (2626)
24 Jul 07
I think it must be difficult when this happens it certainly sounds like it was difficult for you. I mean it's difficult making friends at the best of times then moving to a different school. I moved school because I was getting bullied, but I still got teased when I moved to the other school. Not as bad as the first but, still bad enough to make me feel depressed and for years later as well. Moving schools isn't easy it's like starting all over again.