What is going on with the way we view war?

United States
July 24, 2007 9:02pm CST
I am so frustrated and also amazed by the amount of junk that I receive daily through e-mails about the poor soldiers, support our troops, and war is bad!! If people really think that this whole situation in Iraq is so terrible, then why are we allowing out country to perpetuate it? Also, the last time I checked, enlisting in the military was a volunatry action, so how much pity I am supposed to have for people that at this point in time knew what was going on globaly, and still chose to put themselves in harms way? I don't think they are evil baby killers, but I don't feel bad that they are stuck out in the desert getting shoty at either. THEY VOLUNTEERED!! Can someone please explain to me why the majority of our country feels sorry for them and still dos nothing to stop this?
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25 Jul 07
Well.....the soldiers that are out there are just making a living! For most it is a steady pay check! I can see that the war hasn't hit close to home enough for you to understand what the men and women do for this country. I personally just want some kind of peace and withdrawal to a certain point. I have a husband who is in the army and what he does is courageous! You will never understand until you are in their shoes!