which country do you like?

July 24, 2007 10:16pm CST
United State of America, Russia, China, Australia and so on, which country you will want to stay at forever?
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@ladyluna (7004)
• United States
25 Jul 07
Hello Titaniumsoul, I'd certainly like to visit many places around the globe. As for my permanent residence ... I'm rather fond of my homeland, the U.S.A. I cannot imagine myself wanting to live anywhere else but here. The U.S.A. is so vast, with such diverse topography and cultural flavor, that I believe one could spend an entire lifetime exploring just this country. And then there's that pesky little problem of freedom. I will admit that I'm terribly fond of the liberties that we enjoy in the USA. I would find it nearly impossible to relocate to a nation where oppression and repression were the flavor of the day. I am a very independent woman, which wouldn't go over well in many parts of the world. So, I'm happy to forever call the USA my home.
• Singapore
26 Jul 07
I am happy for you to call USA as your homeland. Although, it is vast, don't you afraid that one day, you might be murdered by terrorists just like 911?
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