away from your family

@migenKC (792)
July 24, 2007 10:44pm CST
here in the Philippines there are lots and lots of independent students. some of them are kilometers away from their family. i was one of them when i was a first year college student. unlike others, i didnt experience home sickness. this is not because i dont miss my sisters, my mom and my dad... but because i was able to do things i cannot do if my parents are always looking after me. hehehe.. i had difficulties on managing my own money. and i hate it when i find my self eating alone so i prefer not to eat. infact sometimes i eat only once a day. i hate every time i open my refrigerator and i dont have the usual snacks i can eat while studying and i have to go to the convience store all by my self. i dont like washing clothes so i spent money for laundry... unlike at home its for free.. ;( and one more thing... if i want to buy something like new jeans or shoes... i cant buy it immediately since i dont have my mom with me that can always have it for me. those are just few of the difficulties of an independent student goes through to survive... hahai... would you still want to study away from your family...?
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• Philippines
28 Jul 07
fortunately even if i live far from the university belt, i can still afford to go home everyday although its a bit tiring already because of all the traffic to and fro the school. and i don't think i can live alone. even if in condominiums. i don't know how to do things, really. i have to have my yaya to follow me around and clean everything. but i can handle myself. i just can't do the household chores.
• China
27 Jul 07
me too!I am away from my family.I am a collage student,so I have to leave home to go to school.
@bhelle123 (290)
• Canada
25 Jul 07
i am from Philippines too, i also studied away from my family when i was in college, i was in the City and they're in our village. i learned a lot of things while i'm away from my parents like washing my clothes, cooking, how to do the budget and being independent as well as, be responsible. after i graduated its not hard for me to go to other places looking for work, now i am already here in canada, though i feel homesickness but it can easily be disappear as soon as you know how to manage things.