The chinese kongfu

July 25, 2007 12:13am CST
I like the chinese kongfu!And also,I think the movie of kongfu is the best one!
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@linben (132)
14 Nov 07
yup, i like Chinese Kongfu sooooo much. However, i don't like the movies of Kongfu of these recent years. They are too unrealistic and got too much computer effects. I miss the ones produced ten years ago.
• Brazil
26 Oct 07
I like Jackie Chan Movies because he is training WingTsun Kung fu with the GM Leung Ting. I like WingTsun because the main objective of WingTsun(WT) is to be a realistic system of self-defense. WT does not focus on fighting "techniques", instead relying on fighting and energy principles to be followed at all times. The central idea is that, under pressure, it is impossible to visually recognize the precise direction and speed of an attack and make a conscious decision on an effective way in which to react, all within the very brief amount of time you have before your opponent's attack lands. Rather, one must (counter) attack immediately in a very direct and protected manner, and rely on reflexes to determine how to react if the opponent's attack continues to pose a problem. Chi Sao, or "sticking hands" trains students to respond reflexively to the speed, force, and direction of an attack based on tactile information - whick the human brain processes much faster than visual informatiom.
25 Jul 07
strongly agree with you
• Indonesia
25 Jul 07
Yes, the movie of kungfu is the best of the best hmmmmm, But I haven't see Jacky Chan and Jetli film's You have see??? It's about the boy who go to in the past adn he meet Jacky and Jet, The both teach the boy kungfu I want to see the film. It's very enjoyable I hope I can find the movie
@tanj77 (1)
• Philippines
25 Jul 07
jet li and jackie chan movies are the best