Is betting a child help them learn their mistakes?

By Rose
Davao, Philippines
July 25, 2007 2:16am CST
As a parent it is my widest dream to raise children confidently with good manners. Some kids are naturally more outgoing or timid than others specially this present generation wherein they are exposed to media networks or easy accessibility of internet sites. Base on my experience its not really easy to raise children, making them follow what you want them to do because they also have their own world. It really needs patient and understanding inorder for them to follow you. There are instances that it come to the point that you will lose your temper that sometimes I bet them. I feel sorry for that of course but in my idea I think I have to do it so that they will know that what they are doing is wrong and I have to correct them. In reconciliation to them I give them my explantions why I have done that to them I let them understand why I have to do it. I give them a hug explaining that Mama loves them. Of course in reply they hug me also and they will say sorry to me.
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@lilaclady (28226)
• Australia
25 Jul 07
I think all a parent should do is encourage a child as much as possible but then the rest is up to the child, everyone must run their own race, parents are living their own lives and they must let their children live theirs, give them the opportunities but do not force them, everyone has their own journey to live.