I have found out why he was behaving this way!

@subha12 (18448)
July 25, 2007 4:05am CST
Hi friends, few days back I started a discussion asking you all about your guess why my friend again has started contacting me and calling me. Just after resuming talk for few days, he has told me yesterday to transfer him some money. Its not that I did not guess it, but really could not understand what was the reason for him to again contact. Now it gives me a bit pain also and also I am thankful in the same way that it has again brought me little close to the reason behind human psychlogy. May be this way I am going to understand the world better.
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@whyaskq (7529)
• Singapore
26 Jul 07
So does he get what he wants? While this incident pains you and brings you closer to reality, I can say such things happen to me too. The basic definition of friends - to help each other in need - though there are some exceptions. However, I hope this will not make you skeptical of all your friends who suddenly contact you for no reason. There could be friends who realised something and suddenly decide to keep contact with old friends without any hidden agenda except maintain friendship.
@whyaskq (7529)
• Singapore
1 Jul 08
Thanks for the BR :)
@sunny5u (2069)
• India
25 Jul 07
I think you must be far from him,because i think he is playing games with you,don't leave the matter and don't send money to him.Let's wait and see that what is going to be happen...Be free and think about this,and take a wise decision.
@mari_skye (1638)
• Philippines
25 Jul 07
Ugh, don’t you just detest this sort of people? The user friendly types of ‘friend’ who will be nice to you only when they need something from you? It’s such pity but we still call them friends. I am not one to judge but it seems pretty obvious that if your ‘friend’ did not want anything from you, he might not even have bothered establishing the line of communication. And I know you must like you are being used. The feeling is very much understandable and yes you are right, at least it’s one more lesson for you to learn about people.