Love is all around you....

July 25, 2007 4:43am CST
If you have seen the movie "Love Actually" you will be well versed with the song which keeps repeating (in a pleasurable way offcours) all throughout the movie... But seriously, tell me if we belive in the saying and if love actually is all around you, then why do we find ourselves heavily deprived of love most of the times??? A woman just realising that she has a husband who is cheating on her, a kid longing for his parents love who have been seperated, an orphan longing for the love of a family and relationships, a fiancee who just lost her loved one jsut few days before the D-day are all longing for love. Will they find love if it is actually around us or will they shut themselves up and prefer to go blind when love stands in front of them with arms wide open.... Love is there but finding a lasting love and true love is i think a privilge of a selected few....What do you think???
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