remember aceh, indonesia?

@dorski (14)
July 25, 2007 8:42am CST
tsunami? ring a bell? i've been working in indonesia since 2000. the pay is good. i got a new job, now based in aceh where tsunami hit the area on december 26th a few years ago, thousands have died then. fortunately for me, i flew back to my country on december 24th and was not in indonesia at the time. if you were given a better paying job but it would be aceh... would you ever consider it? why or why not?
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• Indonesia
24 Jun 08
Don't know if you're still working in Aceh right now. I am from North Sumatra, have been working in Aceh since the day one after the tsunami. True that the pay is good, but then I am starting to realize that I have not done enough to justify the pay. 1) With great scale of damage comes great scale of donations. 2) With great scale of donations comes great scale of works. 3) With great scale of works comes great scale of hope. 4) With great scale of hope comes great scale of responsibility. 5) With great scale of responsibility comes great scale of pay. One thing leads to another, should be. I missed the feeling of the third, and think most of us failed on the fourth.
@elmo1211 (212)
• Philippines
2 Aug 07
i remember alright... a huge disaster. i've ben to jakarta but not yet to aceh. tough decision to make, working in an environment which recently experienced a huge natural disaster. i'm not sure if i have the courage as of yet.