Annoying feature of Microsoft Excel

July 25, 2007 9:30pm CST
Alright, this is kinda embarrasing but there's this thing that bugs me with excel. I may just not have worked long enough with it and hence, not figured it out, but quite frequently I have to work with a file with multiple worksheets (tabs at the bottom). The thing that bugs me is that I don't know of a shortcut key to switch between these sheets! Each time I have to move my mouse to the bottom of the screen and click between the worksheets. This get's REALLY annoying and I become really inefficent when one tab is a reference to the other...does anyone know if there's a shortcut to switch between these (kinda like you can switch between windows applications with alt+tab)?
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@Asylum (48013)
• Manchester, England
29 Jul 07
The worksheets can be scrolled through by using CTRL+Page Down to go to the next worksheet and CTRL+Page UP to move to the previous worksheet. I have never really found any use for these shortcuts, and considering that I have several spreadsheets that contain many worksheets I find it much more practical to use the mouse.
@jeans6618 (168)
• China
27 Aug 07
yeah ,i used to ues microsoft excel