Getting paid to complete offers using a credit card??

United States
July 25, 2007 10:44pm CST
I am really wanting to make serious cash on these GPT sites. I am just scared to death to use any credit/bank cards worrying that I could end up overdrawing or having big issuing about constantly getting charged. For those of you who make good money this way, how do you do it? I have been thinking of buying a virtual visa card online and just using it (it comes with an expiration date and 3 digit code like a real visa. Has anyone does this? If so do you even bother canceling trials. Thanks!
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27 Jul 07
I am a member of . Our sites administrators are now advising against using the virtual credit cards because of what they call increasing instances of "fraud" . Alot of the offers on the site don't like it because they want you to do the offer because you are interested in the product not because you want to make some money trying it out for the trial period. They see it as you not really being interested in their products. But you can use the Paypal virtual credit card, you have to apply to Paypal for it, but if you dont cancel the trial offer before a certain about of time , the Paypal can the charged just like a credit card. You do make money on these sites, you just have to be sure to read not only the rules on the sites forumn, but also read the terms of service rules when you do an offer. RoseColoredGlasses
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