are you trying hard to be like them to fit in?

July 26, 2007 1:57am CST
Me? NO, no, no, no! because i'm not really that desperate. I want people to accept and like me for what and who I am. If they can't then they are not meant to be my friends. I won't change just because i want to be "in". I won't even ask others to change just for me because i usually accept people for what and who they are. But I have my limits, if they will always cause trouble then I guess I have to tell them straight in their faces that i've accepted them but if there's a room for improvement then maybe they will try to improve in order to grow and be better but NOT totally change.
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@diannebcrs (1549)
• Philippines
27 Jul 07
yes, i very much agree with you. we shouldn't change ourselves just to please people. and we don't have any rights of telling people to change just to please us - unless they're causing too much trouble. well, there are instances when you and your friend/s's differences can strangle your entire friendship. if one has to really change to be able to keep the friendship, that can be settled. i think it's only a matter of agreement from each and every one of you. if one doesn't agree, then ok.. better accept who he/she is unless you want to end the friendship here and there.