Open up Your mind.. a poem

July 26, 2007 2:39am CST
Please guys tell me what you think about this poem. Open up your mind Even when it seems nothing can go right, and you just want to give up, if you close your eyes, you can see the world from your heart. In this world when life can be so tough you must be strong. Just believe in your self and dont you fear. So open up your mind and close your eyes, take another look from the other side. Even on a lonely night, when you wander afraid, you maybe alone but.. your feet can take you however far you want to go so.. Just hold on tight,because if you close your eyes, look inside your self there's a shining light there. Yes, i want you to believe in everything You can take another look from the other side Until you find all that is love.. This was just a condensation of my poem to see my poem in complete please visit the link search for the author clarissalaxamana
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