Effect of American Presidential Election globally...

Hillary v/s Obama - Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Obama seen during the debate last week
July 26, 2007 4:33am CST
Well President George. W. Bush 's term as American President is almost over. Whether we agree on his doings or not, it must be agreed that his actions have had a global impact. America has always had the tradition of flipping the coin, going over to the cold side of the pillow every 8 years and this time its almost certain that it will be a democrat in The White House.Which one is yet to be seen. But what are the changes that are going to be seen from the global point of view with respect to the American Stand on various issues. Are we going to see troops pulled out of Iraq? What will happen on the US-Pak frontier with both Bush and Musharaff seemingly on their way out? What about the Iranian and North Korean issue over nuclear weapons? How different will be the next Government be? Or is it just a formal exchange of power with the American strategy remaining the same?
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