What do you think about the song?

July 26, 2007 5:51am CST
I like the song very much and also it's my favoriate one.It was written and song by Pete seeger.Here is the song. WHERE HAVE ALLTHE FLOWERS GONE? where have all the flowers(young girls,husbands,soldiers ,grave yard) gone?Long time passing .where have all the flowers(young girls ,husbands,soldiers,grave yard) gone?long time ago .where have all the flowers gone?young girlshave picked them(gone to husband,gone to soldiers ,gone to grave yard,gone to flowers) everyone.oh,when will they ever learned ?Oh when will they ever learn? Pete Seeger was kown as "protect music".Obviously,the song is about the war.Is there any war in your country?what do you think about the song ?
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@dude007 (63)
• India
26 Jul 07
every song have some meaning ........some songs have got famous for their lyrics and many for their music and some for both.........although i like lots of songs but i like the most pink floyds song ......i dont need no education.....listen this song......m damn sure u will njyo it