exon messes up.

@cher913 (25865)
July 26, 2007 7:12am CST
it seems that a gentleman's credit card expired so he called for a new one. it came in the mail a few weeks later...a few weeks after that, he arrived at work to find a box outside his office door...it was a box, containint 1,000 exon mobile cards with his name and his account number. he called the company and was told to cut them up, which he did. it took him 3 hours. a few weeks later, it happened again! he got another box full of 1,000 cards again with his name and number on them! he called the company...they told him to cut them up, he refused and wanted to send them back, they refused!
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27 Jul 07
lmaoooooooo , is this a true story ? Do you know this person or did you read about in the newspaper ? Did all the cards have a different number ? why in the world would he spend that amount of time cutting up the cards when he could just as easily set them on fire. If this is a true story, he or you need to send this info to clarkhoward.com
26 Jul 07
Seems messed up. I would just send them back and not care what they though, it sounds like some sort of sad joke. who needs a box full? well I'm sure the guy was happy to get it stopped, hopefully they did. I'd grow very tired of it myself. ~Joey