anyone who can't stand the noise of a yelling baby?

July 26, 2007 7:13am CST
i feel really quilty about it but yes, i just cant stand the annoying noise a baby yelling. the last day i was on a bus and there was this woman and her baby. they were playing some kind of game, it seems the baby was really having fun and yelling really really loudly! and her mother was continuing to play with her and did not do anything to make her stop. somehow i just lost my control and asked the mother to stop her! ok i'm so sorry but sometimes people do not know how they bother the others. Am i so mean?
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@svelte (132)
• Philippines
18 Oct 07
I think there are right places where a baby can yell, cry and play all they want. Some people can't take the yelling, but some can. It even makes them smile. Like me, I enjoy watching my nephew play, giggle and shout while laughing. It just takes my problem away and relaxes me.
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• United States
10 Aug 07
If the child is able to speak, then I understand your wanting the child to be quiet. But a baby does not understand adults' ideas of quiet and loud. When a baby feels something, he expresses it vocally, usually loudly. It's completely natural and necessary, because if babies were quiet, they all too often would not get the attention they need to be fed, changed, soothed, entertained, and just plain cared for. Yes, on the surface it can be a bit annoying, but there are so many more positives than your temporary discomfort. Take joy in the fact that a mother can enjoy her child and the baby is having the time of his life. People have so few happy times, and only in childhood and parenthood can you truly understand the pure bliss of a rattling toy or children's laughter. Let their cheer become contagious and laugh along with them. A little noise never hurt anyone, and if it annoys you, it'll pass when you get off the bus. There's no call for raining on their fun like that. I personally think it's sad that someone could allow their personal discomfort to cause them to dampen a child's play. You only have so much time to play...
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@cher913 (25859)
• Canada
26 Jul 07
i have to agree with you especially when you are in a public place. also what bugs me is kids that are running all over the store or playing with store products...where are these parents???
• Turkey
26 Jul 07
oh really really thank you for saying what i can't! there is a reason for us not to have children right? why do we have to stand those stuff?