why, why, why, why me???

@Beertjie (977)
South Africa
July 26, 2007 5:41pm CST
Have you ever asked the question "Why Me? Why did it happen to me? I am angry!! I lost my kidneys a long time ago, I had a transplant and lost it after four years. I am on dialysis three times a week for four hours, and I hate it. The worst thing is that I am still young and I look healthy. When people around me work, I also want to join in and help. Then everybody tells me to take it easy, relax, don't overdo it, leave the heavy stuff, etc. I feel like an invalid. When I realy can't go on anymore, I take a break and then I feel bad because people who does not know me see that I'm just sitting there doing nothing. I look like the lazy one. I try my best to live a normal life but I can't keep up with people even older than I am. I get tired very quickly and then I have to catch my breath. When I do hard work, it feels as if I'm getting a heart attack. There are lots of lazy people in this world. Why are they healthy and people that want to do hard work are sick. Am I being punished? We are five children in the family, I am the second. Everyone is 100% healthy. Why am I not healthy. Why Me???
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@mi2ok02 (406)
• United States
1 Aug 07
I don't know but maybe God has something wonderful coming from this? I do applaud you for being so tenacious and wanting and trying to participate still in this life no matter what you are going through! You are definitely someone to admire! I am sorry if this isn't much to cheer you or inspire you but I do send my best wishes for you, may God richly bless you in every area of your life and my prayer for you has gone to the One who heals!
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@sunkissed (4331)
• United States
26 Jul 07
Oh,Beertjie,I am so sorry for your health problems.I know it is very hard for you being so young and having to spend so much time at dialysis.It has t be frustrating,not being able to do the things that others do.I can relate to you in a sence as I too became disabled when I was 34 years old and became unable to work.I felt so lost.I too wondered why me..I could not do any of the things I used to do either.I felt as though my life had been cut short, but you can look around you and there is always somebody worse off, there is the one with no legs, confined to a wheelchair, the one that is paralized..The blind etc.So I try to count my blessing and i no longer try to question God. I have been disabled for over 20 years now.I do not have the answer.God Bless.
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@suspenseful (40314)
• Canada
4 Feb 08
I often ask the question about my infertility, why did the first guy I ever had s*x with give me vd? Why after I gave up my child, did my so called friends finally come and see me? Why did not anyone introduce me to a nice guy who would accept my past even though at that time, we needed blood tests? Why was I told to keep silent and let that disease fester in me unknown? Why did I have to be among people who made me feel extremely guilty if I were to go to a clinic for a check up? Why was I allowed to marry when the disease had taken its toll? I think it is to do with original sin that instead of good things happening to good people, now bad things happen to good people and the opposite. I see it as the devil's way to gain more recruits. If he can make the good people who are not as healthy or fortunate as the bad people come to his side, he can. Just hang on there. They shall get their reward.