Hilary Clinton

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July 26, 2007 7:15pm CST
If nobody is convinced, yet, that Hilary Clinton is an full blooded commie, then, you're either brain dead or a commie yourself. First, she wants to nationalize healthcare, then, she wants to "take corporate oil profits", now she wants to nationalize private preschools. Oh by the way, "nationalize" is just another term for "socialize". Either way you say it, it's still right out of the book, "Communism for Dummies". I don't understand what you people are missing. The problem with this country, right now, is that we've got too much government. Hilary wants even more government. There isn't a single federal institution in existance worth chicken squeeze. You people who believe that government knows what's best have just been brainwashed. Think for yourselves. Work for yourselves. Be an individual. That's what made this country great. Don't let your government educated brain take that away from you.
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2 Apr 08
Going by your post I can tell that you are most likely an upper class american who can afford everything. What is so wrong about nationalizing health care? You do realize that the majority of americans can't even afford basic health care? And the american healthcare system is horrible! The nation's healthcare system SHOULD NOT be based on profits.
@Angela07 (202)
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27 Jul 07
Yeah i dont like Hilary either..I hope she is'nt the next pesident..We need someone who is going to fix our country , help us get out of debt, resolve the war conflicts and fix a bunch of problems ...We DONT need someone who is just going to make more controversial things in AMERICA...WE need someone who can fix the mistakes of the country instead of make it worse.....