When your dog got illed .

July 27, 2007 12:38am CST
now my family have two dogs, and one is older, one is small. though I didn't live with them, I like them very much. the older dog has been unwell the last a couple weeks and tonight the vet said he will have to have an operation this Friday . then I think it is a terrible thing for him . what could we do ? Now he is being treated like a god bless him and he's looking worried,it's amazing how animals are so easy to love and so hard to loose. I am sure he will be fine but I guess thats all part of caring for our pets. so if your dog is ill, what you will do for him ?
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• China
30 Jul 07
dog is our honest best friends?
• Indonesia
27 Jul 07
i'm so sad and so sorry to hear about your dog. I'm a dog lovers so i can feel what you feel now and also what your dog feel as well..I also have 2 dogs.if my dog ill, i will call my vet to come to my house immediately (thanks God taht our house is near) and do whatever it takes. don't care about how much should i spend,because my dogs are part of our family. I really love them..I will pay more attention to them and make sure that they got the best treatment and medicine.