Mothers Stories.....

July 27, 2007 2:41am CST
How old is your mom now? And how is she? My mom is 51 now. And she is still healthy actually. I can say she looks younger than her age. She is a very busy person. She like to do things all the time without complain. She never sits half day doing nothing. She likes to cook and she is a very good cook. Everybody like her cooking so much. She can run her own restaurant if she wants to. But I prefer her like this coz I dont want her so tired working. All my siblings and family gathers at my parents' house every week and mom always cooks for all of us........ I love her so much. It was so tiring and depressed to raise us all since my dad died and quite disparaged by the family of my dad's side..... How about yours...? Any stories to tell...?
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@xiuluoelly (1225)
• China
28 Jul 07
My mother is 49 years,she is a very strong mother, demand of us are very strict, and I respect her, Meanwhile, she is also a kind-hearted mother, as all of us to the center, she love us very much, but very few love for herself...
@wonderful1 (2075)
• China
28 Jul 07
my mom is 55 years old, she is like your mom. She looks younger than her age, and she is a very busy person too. But my mom doesn't like cooking. My dad cook for us, and he is a good cooker. I love my mom very much, and I respect her too.
@cheodej (102)
• Germany
27 Jul 07
as of my calculation my mon is now 77years old but sad to say she is 24years now away from us and we know that she is happy now with her creator. as far as i can think of my mom is a very good cook also. a teacher and a good mother too. i was just 12years old then since she passed away but all i can think of her is all the good ones. how i missed her so much. it's not easy growing up without a mother. i have told often to my husband, cherish your mom as long as she live because you can find wife all over the world but mom is only one and nobody can replace her.
@lightningMD (5932)
• United States
27 Jul 07
My mother just turned 76 last week. She is a great lady,she still mows her own lawn and it is huge. She loves to read and cook. She is just a great person.
@Nardz13 (5059)
• New Zealand
27 Jul 07
Hey. My mom is 54 and looks in her 30's, personally she hasnt aged one bit, now I dont know if thats related to oil of ulan or what but she looks good for her age, shes a non smoker and very fit and energetic woman, with a BIG heart, like yours I never heard my mom complain either... Shes also a great cook and back in 1994, she ran her own restaurant... On top of raising us and juggling her career, she raised 25 foster children who are also close to her, whom love and appreciate her very much, my mom is my inspiration, when I think things are getting tuff, I think of her and what shes accomplished in her life and how she is today, I snap out of it and think If she can do what shes done on her own, so can I, but Im lucky I have my husbands support too... We also love our mom and I am greatful to her for how shes raised us all, and for being the great mother, friend and person she is today... Big Ups To You Ma!!!...
• Philippines
27 Jul 07
My mother is already 56 years old. She also looks young on her age. When we are together, my three sisters and my mother, anyone who sees us thought that my mother is just our eldest sister. She has her won business ahd she still manages it until now. She runs the business for almost thirty years now. Though she's not telling us, I know she is lonely right now and she misses the three of us. My sister and I live not too far from her but she is alone most of the day. We rarely talk.