What are your favorite conspiracy theories?

@dreamy1 (3815)
United States
July 27, 2007 3:18am CST
I know there are some crazy ones floating around. I don't pay much attention to them myself but maybe some of them could even have a grain of truth to them. You really never know I think just about anything is possible. I'm not so sure anyone landed on the moon myself. I mean do you really think they had that kind of technology in the 60's? And why haven't they gone back to the moon since? Makes you go hmmmm? Do you believe in conspiracy theories, if so which ones? Why do you think people like to think up such theories?
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@wolveren (1577)
• Cebu, Philippines
29 May 09
It really is so hard to say. I have no favorite conspiracy theories. I consider them all theories no matter how close to the truth they may be. I've seen more than a hundred of them really, and I mean those with the real hard facts and evidences anyone has to offer. But as always none of those had made a dent on the people or organizations or sects they are trying to bash. They have always been just shrugged off as simple conspiracy theories and nothing more. It's a vicious concept I'd like to think. If truly everything was controlled by one mega source. It's our word against theirs. Not an easy task. You have the whole world to awaken to achieve you fight against these so called conspiracy. I don't mean that I don't believe any of them. I just digest whatever they throw at us and keep it to myself. Weighing everything until the time comes to let it all out in the open. It doesn't matter how and when. But the funny thing is, what if the conspirators themselves have let loose some wild stories of conspiracies theories that contradict just to make it harder for the real truth to come out. I know what the power of the media can achieve. cheers!