Is heaven real place or a being?

@archy22 (132)
July 27, 2007 8:22am CST
I strongly believe that heaven is just a state of being. It is the sould that resies in heaven they say.But is it really true that there is something called heaven? If something called heaven exists, where is it? Is it in the sky or below the earth? Accorng to the bible and other ancient mythologies there is a place called heaven.While some argue that heaven is just a state of being, others argue that it is a solid place where people go after death if they have done good else they go to hell if they have done bad deeds. But in reality do these places really exist? Our great scientists have really failed to prove the existance of God himself, how can a place called heaven be be ever proved and substantiated when they really not exist? So it may just be supposed as a state of being. What are your thoughts?
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@Angela07 (202)
• United States
27 Jul 07
HEAVEN : to some a state of being to others a place where you got to after you die if you are saved and have all the goood characteristics to go there...I think that heaven is a place you go to after you die.I am a Christian are you not..There is the bible that tells you all these things...Heaven is hidden to man...God is too smart for man ...There is many things in life we dont understand that the mind of man cant fathom......