These kind of people piss me off

United States
July 27, 2007 2:59pm CST
Okay, so I admit it. I eat meat. Alright? I like steak, I love hamburger and turkey is delicious. But I'm for animal rights. I'm not sure if it sounds hippocritical. But it's true. I'm a member of the humane society and over the past year or so I've learned a lot of various ways people harmfully treat animals. The whole seal hunting thing in canada, makes me want to cry. A group of men will charge there ships into these animals home, destroying them mind you, beat them on the head with a club and kill them. All so they can have their fur. Sometimes just for fun. How can people do that? Make a decent, respectable living for christ's sake. There are plenty of jobs out there where you don't have to kill innocent lives. Don't even get me started on the dog fighting that's so popular these days. So what do you think about this? Do you think it's human beings right to treat animals as they please, or, like me, does it make you angry?
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• China
31 Jul 07
for animals right ? and i am but i do not agree that we should not kill the animals