What is the greatest invention of all time?

July 28, 2007 10:00am CST
For me, medicine. It is the greatest invention of all time had it not discovered there will be no cure to those people who have diabetes,high bloods among others.
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• Philippines
31 Jul 07
i believe internet is the greatest invention of all time ....it had shrunk the world into a room.....we can contact with any one anywhere in the world anytime...i have made many friends online..then abt information..we can get thye latest news ,inventions ,everything at our finger tips
• India
28 Jul 07
I would say Electronics gadgets or gizmons is the greatest invention, bcoz for medical profesion also there are many electronics intruments comes, then electronics has greats market share almost in every field there is electrocnis.
• United States
28 Jul 07
It is obviously the wheel. Pretty much every other invention has had something to do with the wheel. And, of course, the most important discovery ever was fire.
@RobinJ (2501)
• Canada
28 Jul 07
I would have to say the harnessing of electricity. other wise we would be still in the dark, and because they use electron microscopes for learning about disease you now have a lot of cure for ailments that had no cure before electricity. Think about it. This has to be one of the top inventions in all of history, the first of course would be the wheel, and the second the ability to use earth to make and build houses and contents there in.