Social Phobia

July 28, 2007 10:08pm CST
I am new at this , anyone has social phobia? I live with this for meny years, some people wants me to go visite them, I can not go for long visite as I have social phobia. the reason I avoid places for long time is because I feel no one wants me around or I feel like they think I am ungly or at time stupid eveyone is smarter then I am. I avoid so I don't get them feelings plus more!!
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• United States
21 Oct 07
I have social phobia too. I have just begun to look for help in dealing with this problem.
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@flashjet (56)
• Pakistan
29 Jul 07
You said you have this condition for many years. Have you ever been evaluated by a health care provider and diagnosed to be suffering from social phobia (more appropriately called Social anxiety disorder)? As the name suggests, social anxiety disorder is an anxiety disorder involving intense distress to public situations. Patients typically experience symptoms resembling panic (i.e. increased heart rate, sweating, fainting, air hunger, feelings of impending doom and other signs of autonomic arousal) during a social encounter. Further more the condition is not limited to certain people who are looking forward to you visiting them but is generalized to include any kind of social contact. Now there could be particularly valid reasons for you not wanting to visit certain people, and may not have to do with you being socially phobic. In the same context there may be many other people you may like to meet, (despite your social phobia). By the way, social phobia is considered a disorder when it is severe enough to disrupt social or occupational functioning. By this I mean patients with true social phobia have to go to great lengths to avoid social situations, usually to their own detriment. There are medical therapies for such a condition, but you must consult your medical practitioner before using any medicines.
• Malaysia
29 Jul 07
sometimes i feel this way too, especially if i have to meet someone that i don't know or go to an unknown place by myself. i try to get someone to accompany me so that i won't be so afraid or shy. you shouldn't think so lowly of yourself, try to boost your self-esteem, ok? nobody's perfect so don't think that you're ugly or stupid. take care ;)
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• China
29 Jul 07
I am also new at this .Wish to get some friends here.