Does love hurts?

July 29, 2007 12:34am CST
I had let go of what i thought i owned. It hurts, yes! A lot actually. But getting through each day made me realize that the world will just keep on turning and i have to continue breathing even if he's not around. So i have to move on, face the world after he stepped on it and prove that i can be better than what he used to have in me.:D
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@subha12 (18452)
• India
25 Oct 07
Yes love hurts when the person you love breaks up with you or cheats you. In love you lose the sense of juding the person you love. So you are unaware of the fact when this person has some other intension. It hurts so much as you see taht the person you believd so much has not justified your felings.
@moksalot (61)
• Indonesia
19 Aug 07
Mostly hurt but that's make the love stronger....if both of them can handle and go through with all the situations. have a nice day gbu
• India
29 Jul 07
Ofcoure it hurts because you care for him/her and also love him/her but the momrnt you let it go you realize it and feel really sorry for it and think you should't have let him/her go.It happened to me and i know how it feels like :-( !!!!!!!!