Bon Scott or Brian Johnson

July 29, 2007 1:27am CST
who will be remembered as the best front man for AC/DC.....and why .....
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@drzorge (38)
• Bulgaria
17 Mar 10
Hello.Hm...beacuse Brian Johnson spent most of the time in the band for me he is better...but it doesn't exclude Bon Scott.I think Bon Scott gave the vision of the band,even though ,in these days.
• Australia
24 Dec 08
Bon Scott for ever, He was a legend in his time and will forever remain a legend in rock music of the world. Bon was a natural, gifted, and very talented soul, he created many different types of music, from his days with The Specktors, The Valentines, and Fraternity, he found himself in AC/DC, and it was for this reason that AC/DC was truely born, Dave Evans who was the very first front man, did not have true AC/DC in his veins, and in between the process of Dave and Bon, Brian was auditioned, but he stated it was not for him at the time and remained with Jordie, It is a sad fact that he only came to front the band upon Bons sad passing, and although i do appreciate Brian, I think he tries to hard and I amongst alot of other people still have trouble understanding the lyrics he sings, where as Bon, it was clear as. But AC/DC would not be who they are or where they are today if it was not for Malcom and Angus, who are musical gems and are up there as the best guitarist in the world. Long Live BON SCOTT R.I.P
30 May 08
Its a difficult one but I think that Bon Scott will be remembered as the best, mainly because he was a much more lively and pertying person. Plus the fact that he wrote some amazing songs!
19 May 08
Both, Bon Scott was the original Frontman till 1980 but then Brian Johnson filled his shoes, and has done great ever since. Both have unique voices.
@batgal (18)
17 May 08
Bon Scott will always have that uniqueness. His voice was one that stood out a mile & no one can really replace him, But I think Brian Johnson has done a fantastic job since then.. "Good on you Brian!!!"
@bliech (13)
• Portugal
4 May 08
Both of them. They are totally different. Bon Scott was electric, and had a strong voice. He worte a great part of the mostly known songs, from Ac/Dc, like "Highway to Hell", "High voltage" and others. Brian Johnson has that mystical voice, that few can immitate, and that style of his own. I really believe that they will both be in history as the lead singers of Ac/Dc, and that's amazing.
@flurbl (60)
• United States
3 Apr 08
I think Brian Johnson will be remembered as the front man for AC/DC because most people started listening to the band after the Back In Black album was released. Most of my friends don't even know who Bon Scott was, let alone that the song Back In Black was written about him. It's kind of sad really because Bon Scott really got the band going and well known. I'm not trying to say that Brian Johnson isn't amazing, but Bon Scott is the legend. Of course, although not a front man, Angus Young is always thought of when AC/DC is brought up.
@petebaja (516)
• Mexico
11 Feb 08
Bon Scott is a legend, but Brian Johnson made us forget the legend was even missing. Johnson also brought them from a cult band into the platinum selling success that they were in the 80's.
13 Aug 07
Bon Scott of course, the first frontman for the Thunder From Down Under.
@Flight84 (3050)
• United States
31 Jul 07
Bon Scott is a legend of course, but I think Brain Johnson came in and filled his shoes nicely. He is incredible and he has helped keep AC/DC strong and what they are today. I am a huge AC/DC fan.
@Elusive (285)
• United States
30 Jul 07
Brian Johnson ofcourse because he is AC/DC he helped make them what they are today and in my opinion is better than bon scott