Ther is just a few days left

United States
July 29, 2007 2:12am CST
On Aug 3rd I will be closing up the response lists for Carries Cancer Relief and will be posting my results. If you are intrested in helping Carrie out please post a message under Carries Cancer Relief and I will be sure to get it to take to the businesses. Not many of you have posted and I was wishing that more of you cared enough to take a second and post but I guess I was wrong. I would like to thank the one poster who posted and tell her/or him that Carrie has it up on her wall and every day asks if I have any more. I have taken some time to distribute jars around town in hopes to gain a little more money from people also. But this does not cost you any money to just post a response so Carrie can pay her medical bills. I enjoy helping others and hoped that you did too. hugs
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