thinking that people don't like me is very bad for my self-esteem.

July 29, 2007 4:26am CST
hi guys, thesedays i am thinking that maybe something is wrong with me, because i tend to think that people don't like me when things don't happen as i expected. How can you stop from thinking this thought? I'll illustrate to you what I mean. first example, even if I didn't attend a party, it seems my friends did't notice my absence. I felt that I am not a important member of their group. so I will be more laid back and not play at active role. thus my sacial circle will be smaller. I think that my social skill is very poor. after that, every time I meet people I would not be able to even try to introduce myself and feel insecure with strangers. Second example, when people go out to eat, they didn't even call me to join them. so my interperitation is they don't like me. when I go out to eat, also I don't call them to eat together. If they invite me after this, I think that they are doing it only for courtesy, so I refuse it. I'll think that I am not a person who can be befriended, so I think sonething is wrong with me. third example, every time I suggest my opinion to the group, they reject my opinion. so I think that they don't like me. first I embrassed and shamed and then I feel angry, and next time I can't tell my idea, because I am scared of being rejected. I look at me as a person who can not make interesting idea. I consider myself as a boring person and so I become boring. This is what I mean by my tendency to interpret things the way I do. So how do you stop yourself from thinking people don't like me?
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