Mrs. Angela Petrelli

@tbatenga (104)
July 29, 2007 7:43am CST
I have always been intrigued at Nathan and Peter's mom. She seems to be really mysterious. I have a very strong feeling that she has a power, something to do with prophecy or healing. Do you think she has a power of her own? If yes, what do you think it is?
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@kahheng (281)
4 Aug 07
If you would notice, everyone in the family would have powers. the question is whether they have discovered their power or not, that is all. Te whole Petrelli family has the power. Hiro has the power, and so, his dad has some power too.. The end of Season 1 leave many question unanswered. Which in turn makes Fans more entusiastic, right? If you can recall, the little girl mention that there is one of them that she feared a lot. I would not be surprise if that person is Mrs. Petrelli itself. You would notice that most elder people keep their power concealed, ya? so, to answer your questions. Yes, I strongly believe, she has powers of her own.. and since the producers have not given any hint on that, I dare not make any guess on her abilities... I would rule out prophecy though as the painter has that bility already and the company needed him.. Infact, Mr. Landaman needed his ability to trace the future. And for what i gathered, Mr. Landaman is in the same organization as Mrs. Petrelli!!