United States
July 29, 2007 4:04pm CST
I have started a new workout routine and I am starting to see impressive results... My only problem is my Deltoids. I have noticed no mass increases in the deltoids and the muscle is not getting harder. The rest of my arms and shoulders have grown and I am very happy with the results. If anyone has any recommendations for building mass in the deltoids please post. Thank you, bryce.
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• Pakistan
5 Jan 08
This is not a big problem, you have a computer and also internet, go and search for sites, I am also new in body building I took guidance form a good site and now I am perfect. It gives you information (complete know-how) of all exercices relating every muscle of your body respectively.
• Brazil
6 Sep 07
I heard of exercises that may increase your deltoid muscle in the long term, such as bench press, bent-over dumb-bell laterals, shoulder-fly and chest-fly, if you do understand me. If you know none of these exercises, look them up at Good luck!