if you think your math is perfect then read this!!!!!

United States
July 30, 2007 1:55am CST
if you think you are smart then read this there are a man who git two sons this man used to send his sons to sell eggs h used to give one of them 30 eggs and tell him to sell 2 for $1. and told the other to sell 3 for $1. the earning will be: the boy who sell 2 for $1 will earn $15. the boy who sell 3 for $1 will earn $10. ok now the total earning for both of them will be $25 one day one of those boys get sick and could not go to sell eggs. his father told the his other son to go sell his eggs and his brother eggs. the price will be 5 eggs for $2. the same price they used to sell( 2 for $1 and 3 for $1 thats mean 5 for $2) this boy have his 30 eggs and his brother's 30 eggs so he will earn 24$ for the 60 eggs he will sell NOW the qustion is ther are $1 missing because the last time they earned $25 both and this time just $24. the price is the same price they use to sell and the eggs are the same as before. so show me your math and tell me the answer
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• Pakistan
11 Nov 07
When both boys were selling: Basket A = 30 eggs; 1$ for two eggs gives 15$ Basket B = 30 eggs; 1$ for Three eggs give 10$ Total = 25$ When one boy selling eggs: Basket B = 30 eggs; 2$ for Five eggs give 12$ (Here the difference lies) Basket B = 30 eggs; 2$ for Five eggs give 12$ Total = 24$