how vapor condenses?

@kilayko (170)
July 30, 2007 2:16am CST
like the air outside,the air in the bathroom contains billions upon billions of tiny dust the water vapor comes into contact with these particles,it collects around them and changes back into a liquid.this process is called condensation.around each dust particle a tiny water droplet forms-in the shape of a is these droplets,billions upon billions of them,that you see as the bathroom cloud.exactly the same thing happens when clouds are formed outdoors.warm air laden with water vaporcome into contact with dust and other particles in the this happens,the vapor condenses,and a droplet of liquid water forms around each tiny has been estimated that 100,000,000 dropletsmay be needed to form one large raindrop.if this estimate is anywhere near accurate,it means that a typical clouds is made up of an enormous number of would take more than a million million million droplets to make up a cloud 1 mile wide,1 mile long,and 1 mile deep.such a cloud may have hundreds of tons of water in droplets (liquid ) form and thousand of tons of water in water VAPOR (GAS )form.the water vapor condenses into dropletsaround many kinds of particles.all such particles are called condensation nuclei.these nuclei ( singular,nucleus) can be dust particles blown from desserts,dry topsoil or volcanous.they can be tiny crystals of salt that have been sprayed into the air from the oceans or minute solid particles from the burning of soft coal and wood.many kinds of tiny substances can act as condensation nuclei.
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